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All Supported by CADIO units have a common structure and concepts, which we will explain below.



The unit is any hardware based on one ESP MCU, it may contains extra MCU(s) to add more GPIOs using CadioSerial Arduino Library.


Each unit can handle up to 21 devices.

Supported devices types:

  • ONOFF (Relay)
  • RGB
  • DHT
  • Sensor
  • IR Hub
  • Shutter
  • Dimmer

Operating modes

  • Service mode

    • In service mode, The unit connects to the router WiFi network and you can control the unit's devices using CADIO app.
  • Configuration mode

    • In configuration mode, The unit create a configuration WiFi network and you can connect to it and edit unit configuration using CADIO app.
    • Pressing config button for 3 seconds will makes the unit enter the configuration mode.

Config button and indicator(s)

All Supported by CADIO units must have a config button and indicator LED(s).

Config button usage

Hold for 3 secondsEnter configuration mode
Hold for 10 secondsFactory reset

Indicator LEDs

BlinkingSearching for router WiFi network
Turned ONConnected for router WiFi network
Config/Cloud LED
BlinkingUnit is in configuration mode
Turned ONUnit is connected to internet
Fresh installed firmware

If both of WiFi LED and Config/Cloud LED are blinking, then the unit Info file hasn't been created yet.


Info file

Contains the Unit information's about the unit's structure and GPIOs.

Info file is created after flashing the firmware from CADIO app using a very simple interface.

Info file can't be edited, So if you want to change anything in Info file you must erase the flash and re-flashing the firmware using ESP Flash Download Tools.


Contains the unit settings for connecting to the router WiFi network and the unit's associated account.

Unit configuration can be edited anytime by pressing for 3 seconds on the config button, the unit will create a configuration WiFi network you can connect to it and edit the unit configuration.

CADIO account

Each unit must be associated with one account at the same time, The unit is automatically associated with the account that configured it.

To change the unit associated account, just press the config button for 3 seconds, and from CADIO app configuration page click save configuration while logging in using the new account.

CADIO account can be associated with unlimited number of units and view all their devices side by side in one interface view.

CADIO account can be opened form unlimited number of smartphones at the same time, and all data will be instantly synced between all smartphones.

CADIO account is used to logging in 3rd party platforms like Google Home and Amazon alexa.

CADIO account privacy

To create a CADIO account you just need an email address and setting a password, we will never ask you for any additional information's about your identity.

Unit license

Each unit has its own individual license, and can be one of the following types:

  • Trial license

    • For development purposes only.
    • Valid for limited operating hours.
    • Trial period can be renewed by erasing then re-flashing the firmware.
  • Permanent license

    • Gives the unit a permanent permission to use available system resources.
    • The unit will never lose the permanent license even after erasing and re-flashing the firmware, Or changing associated account.
    • Permanent license is available to purchase form CADIO app.