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Here you can set all unit's devices information's.

Each unit can handle up to 21 devices.



Supported devices types:

  • ONOFF (Relay)
  • RGB
  • DHT
  • Sensor
  • IR Hub
  • Shutter
  • Dimmer
  • Fan


The GPIO that the device uses.

Extra GPIO

If you need an extra GPIO for this device.


The GPIO that the device physical switch is wired with.

Software serial

If you are using software serial and the device GPIO is on an external MCU, just choose SERIAL as a GPIO and it will be handled by CadioSerial Arduino Library.

Choosing the correct GPIO

Some ESP GPIOs are available for input only or output only, and some GPIOs are HIGH or LOW at boot and not recommended to use with relays, so choose your GPIOs carefully. and here you can find all GPIOs information's for ESP8266 and ESP32.