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RGB device is usually consists of a addressable RGB strip and a switch.

Each unit can contains multiple RGB devices.



Each RGB device supports the following features:

  • Turning the device ON or OFF using CADIO app.
  • Setting the color using CADIO app.
  • Setting the brightness using CADIO app.
  • Turning the device ON or OFF using a physical switch.
  • Turning the device ON or OFF using a voice commands.
  • Setting a specific name and icon for the device.
  • Including the device to a user-created group.
  • Setting timers and schedules.
  • Offline linking with sensors or DHT on the same unit.
  • Receiving online orders from any sensor associated with the same account.
  • Sending notifications when status is changed using physical switch or linking.
  • Setting auto turn OFF timer based on any time the device has turned ON.
  • Limiting access to the device using a PIN code.

3rd party platforms

Each RGB device is supported by the following platforms:

  • Google Home.
  • Amazon alexa.

Supported RGB chipsets

  • UCS1903.
  • WS2811.
  • WS2812.
  • WS2812B.
  • APA102.
  • SK9822.