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Pressing the unit config button for 3 seconds will makes the unit enter the configuration mode.

In the configuration mode the unit will create a configuration WiFi network.

In the configuration mode WiFi indicator LED will be turned OFF, and config/cloud LED will blinks.

Edit unit configuration

  • Connect your phone to the configuration WiFi network.
  • In CADIO app, open configuration page from app side menu.
  • Connection will automatically established and the unit configuration settings will be shown.



  • Router WiFi network SSID.

WiFi password

  • Router WiFi network password.

Unit name

  • Name you choose for the unit.

Unit position on network

  • Select a static position for the unit from 1 to 16, or select auto so unit position will be handled by the router DHCP.
Offline networks

For best performance in offline networks, select a static position for the unit.

Positions conflict

Positions must not be duplicated for multiple units on the same network, otherwise a conflict will happens.

Extra options

Reset all PIN codes

  • Removes all PIN codes for all devices.

Configuration password

  • Password for accessing the unit configuration settings
Configuration password

If you enter a configuration password, you won't be able to access the unit's configuration page again without this password.